Somra El Nubia

 Somra El Nubia "Queen of the Shimmie" 

Somra began dancing under the direction of Clara Brooks at Elmwood Elementary in St. Louis, Missouri.  She performed with Mrs. Brooks group for a St. Louis show known as the the "St. Louis Hop."


She studied Dunham technique and West African dance before she discovered her love of Middle Eastern dance, which became her focus.

Somra furthered her study of Middle Eastern dance under the direction of Simone Prouty.




Somra has performed at various festivals in many cities and around the St. Louis area. She is currently studying West African Dance under the tutelage of Artie Hamilton, "Spirit of Angela".


She has travelled througout the United States teaching Raks Sharqui and a fusion of North and West African dance and she teaches private dance lessons in the St. Louis area.


Somra gives special acknowledgement and thanks to all of her teachers for her accomplishments and is very thankful for all she has learned.